Wish List

By donating these items, you will help feed and save a life at Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.

Donate Items to Directly Benefit the Sanctuary

Here is a non-exhaustive list of items we are always in need of. You can deduct the value of your donations from your taxes! Please contact us if you would like to donate any of these things.

  • Food for the Animals:
    • Hay
    • Grains (coarse 14, scratch, cracked corn, etc)
    • Fresh vegetables (especially kale, lettuce and carrots)
  • Wood shavings

  • A gift certificate to the farmers Coop in Greenfield

  • Sheds and all materials needed to build them (plywood, studs, roofing, etc)

  • Fencing material (posts, boards, wire mesh, etc)

  • Cleaning materials (towels, paper towels, etc)

In-Kind Donations Program

The idea is simple: We know money is tough for a lot of people but we believe everybody has a lot of stuff in their closets, attics, basements, barns or garages that is not being used or has not been used in years! So give a new life to these unused or unwanted objects!

Here is a non exhaustive list of items we will gladly accept:

  • Building materials: windows, doors, lumber, fencing, tools, etc.

  • Appliances: stoves, wood stoves, refrigerators, kilns, etc.

  • Electronics: televisions, stereos, computers, radios, etc.

  • Collectibles: books, comics, DVD’s, CD’s, tapes, etc.

  • Cars, trailers, bicycles, etc.

  • Furniture & Household Items: chairs, tables, art, paintings, jewelry, etc.

  • Anything else you think might be worth something

Even if these items are broken we will repair it and we will come pick-up items if needed. Thank you for participating in this program! Please contact us if you have something you’d like to donate.