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All proceeds benefit Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.

Our Products



  • Pure from cows, only manure and hay mix (no wood shavings), or
  • Mixed from goats, horses, rabbits or chickens (may contain some wood shavings)
  • Available from fresh to 2 years old, good quality, references available
  • Price depending on the type, quantity, and delivery


  • T-Shirts $15
  • Tote Bags $5
  • Both with the Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary logo

Our Services

Animal Boarding

We have a lot of experience in taking care of many animals. We have space available for certain animals and can help take care of your animals while you travel. Whether you are leaving for days, weeks, or months, we would love and provide your animals with happiness. Call us with your needs.

Expertise On Birds

We have been living and loving birds for over 10 years and are currently taking care of 90 birds (parrots, pigeons, quails, hens, roosters, ducks, geese, guinea-hens, etc.). Consequently we have acquired vast experience and expertise on feeding, cleaning, and making birds happy! By observing their behavior we can help change the energy flow in a flock and restore peace and happiness. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Knowledge On Animal Shelters, Aviaries, Coops and Fences.

We have knowledge on a wide variety of animal shelters: birds, goats, cows, rabbits etc. We can help you plan and build your enclosure, including fencing, sheds, aviaries, and permanent shelters. Our fencing and shelters are cost-effective and can be assembled quickly. Call us to discuss your needs.