Visit Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary

Cloa's Ark Animal Sanctuary

What to Expect When You Visit

You will have a personalized experience with the animals at Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary. First, you can walk through the land where the animals are and have an overview. Then you may discover a special affinity for one type of animal, such as the goats, or the cows, or the birds, and spend some quality time with them accompanied by one of us. You will learn their individual stories. Each and every one of the animals have their own story. You are also free to ask any questions about the animals and learn about their habits and mode of being.

You will have a unique and exciting experience, not only with the animals but with nature. We live on a very beautiful piece of land which serves as a paradise for them. The land is here in the Pioneer Valley between two rivers that used to be inhabited by Indians. The rivers and trees are truly beautiful and peaceful. It is a sacred space of love. It is the perfect place for our animals to call home.

Visitation Hours

Please call us at (413)-768-2940 to schedule a time to visit the animals at the Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.

Visitation Fee

There is no visitation fee, but a donation from each person in the group is very appreciated and helps keep the sanctuary going. Please give an amount you feel is appropriate and meaningful to you. 


Read the following testimonials from some of our past volunteers:

“This past summer I learned about Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary and how Claudine and Patrick were expanding their kindness to animals. I have volunteered at many sanctuaries for animals and nothing compares to the experience I had and continue to have at Cloa’s Ark.

Cloa’s Ark is a special sanctuary because visitors will witness Claudine and Patrick interact with each animal as individuals and share each animal’s story. Every animal at Cloa’s Ark has a name, a personality, and a personal narrative. As busy as they are caring for eighty‐five plus animals, Claudine and Patrick tenderly talk to each animal displaying the emotional relationship that exists between human beings and every kind of animal.

Visitors to the Sanctuary also learn about the emotional relationships amongst the animals as Claudine and Patrick know how each animal relates to others.

Operating a sanctuary for animals is not easy work yet Claudine and Patrick, motivated by compassion,
are dedicated to the well‐being of all the animals at Cloa’s Ark. Claudine and Patrick are knowledgeable and educated in providing the appropriate nutrition, environment, and health care for the animals. They are extremely sensitive to each kind of animal’s behavior and specific needs. One of the calves at Cloa’s Ark had surgery and required daily wound care during her convalescence. Claudine and Patrick diligently nursed this calf back to a full recovery.

I know that all of the animals at Cloa’s Ark receive the same level of care and this is remarkable. Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary is a special place where animals are given a peaceful home. More importantly it is a place where children and adults can spend time with animals, learn about them, and learn about compassion. Every time I go to Cloa’s Ark, I learn something new about animals and myself and I hope that many more people will have the same opportunity.

Dharshini M. Joseph