Help Wanted at Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary

Cloa's Ark Animal Sanctuary is looking for a regular, part-time helper. Work consists of moving items, light repairs and maintenance, fencing, assisting with shed construction, composting and cleaning. Hours to be determined with availability; compensation based on experience. Possibility to grow to a full-time position. Be part of a non-profit that rescues animals! Contact Patrick or Claudine at (413) 339-4349 or (413) 345-1501 or email patrick@cloasark.org     Did you know?  "Liking" our Facebook page helps us with donations and fund-raising!

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The Move Is Underway!

Our move to Charlemont is well on the way, we have been very busy all month and expect to be there by June 2nd. With the move came big expanses; first we decided we had to buy a park trailer home as the available space for us in the house is going to mainly be used for our indoor birds and rabbits. Also we had to buy a lot of building materials in order to rebuild a new chicken coop (roof, wall panels, rubber floor mats, studs, cement blocks ….) We also hired some people to help with the labor [...]

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Cloa’s Ark Sanctuary is in its new home!

All of the animals and birds are happy in their new home in Charlemont, Massachusetts.  The move was difficult, and we thank the many people who donated time and money to make it possible!  You have such great hearts, all of you. We are going to list our needs, and we will begin fund-raising for some of the needs shortly, but before we do, we are taking time to give thanks to you, our supporters, for making this possible. In our next post, we will introduce you to two people who opened their home and their hearts to Cloa's Ark [...]

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In Memory of Juliette

Juliette died accidently December 9th 2015. She was a beautiful female Cockatiel; she shared her life with us, her mate and offspring for the past 12 years. She was exceptionally beautiful, yellow and gray with a pearl pattern, but her personality outshined her beauty. She was all love, sweetness and affection, anytime I walked into the aviary, she would immediately fly towards me and perch on my hand for cuddles and kisses, she would hop around and follow me everywhere for more petting and kisses…. Sometimes it was hard for me to do my work in the bird room for [...]

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