Tag Sale and Pot Luck Benefit

We are organizing a last event in Greenfield to have a chance to see everybody before we leave Greenfield, Where? Greenfield, 24 Factory Hollow When? Saturday April 30th 8 am to 2 pm Tag sale 3 pm to 5 pm pot-luck and get-together We will continue the tag sale on Sunday, so if you cannot come on Saturday please come on Sunday, Thanks, Claudine and I hope to see you all!

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Grisou’s Remarkable Story

Once upon a time there lived a small grey rabbit with a woman who did not want him anymore! We were willing to care for him, so we took him home to live with our bunnies at Cloa's Ark Animal Sanctuary. He was shy, sweet and was staying in his own little cage, a bunny condo with a loft. We named him Grisou which means "little grey one" in French. All was well until one morning Grisou did not look well and would not eat. The next day he had his head tilted around 90 degrees and was not moving [...]

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Muguette’s Horrifying Story & Miraculous Survival

About 6 weeks ago a dramatic event took place in the hen’s Coop. We heard all our birds inside getting scared and flying around crazily, so we went to look out the window and all we could see were the hens quietly grouped together outside, nothing else. Then 5 or 10 minutes later it happened again! So we looked outside again and yet could not see anything wrong, but having doubts and wanting to know if everything was okay, Patrick went outside. All the hens were quietly in a corner outside not moving, but hearing a noise inside the Coop [...]

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The Miracle of Pax

We were going to buy some hay for our animals at a nearby auction place and were loading it into our van on Tuesday night, when Patrick brought my attention to a large herd of white little baby goats (about 50 of them) in a holding pen. They had been auctioned off and 3 men were quickly grabbing them to haul them away as it was late, dark, cold and foggy. Later, Patrick went back to where he had seen the goats and he suddenly spotted a little one laying listless on a dirty cold floor covered with urine and [...]

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The Rescue of Lucie Goosie

We drive by a beautiful lake on our way to our animal sanctuary, twice a day. There is a flock of Canadian geese in and around the water and one day we noticed that one of them was on the shore laying on her belly. She was not moving much at all, while the others were feeding and swimming. We continued observing her and she seemed to stay apart from the rest of the flock. When we gave her some bread, she would hop a little to feed and we quickly noticed that her two legs were bond together by [...]

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Sietchie’s Incredible Story & Recovery

Sietchie is a 14 month old heifer. We adopted her when she was 6 months old along with a little male calf, Clifford, who was 2 months old from a local dairy farm. We came to see all the little calves in their nursery being bottle fed. We met Clifford and their foster mother, Issa, who takes excellent care of all these babies. She personally finds homes for all the little boys to prevent them from going to slaughter. We started our own animal rescue in the summer of 2009 and opened a sanctuary in Upton, MA where we were [...]

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