Help Wanted at Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary

Cloa's Ark Animal Sanctuary is looking for a regular, part-time helper. Work consists of moving items, light repairs and maintenance, fencing, assisting with shed construction, composting and cleaning. Hours to be determined with availability; compensation based on experience. Possibility to grow to a full-time position. Be part of a non-profit that rescues animals! Contact Patrick or Claudine at (413) 339-4349 or (413) 345-1501 or email patrick@cloasark.org     Did you know?  "Liking" our Facebook page helps us with donations and fund-raising!

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Our next need — Can you help?

Cloa's Animal Sanctuary is now situated in its new home in Charlemont, Massachusetts. One difference about our new environment is that we are much more rural, and this means that our security needs are greater.  Western Massachusetts has foxes, coyote-dogs, raccoons, skunks, weasels, fisher cats, bears and other predators.  It's wonderful that the region still supports a wide variety of wildlife. But it means our responsibilities to the animals at the sanctuary include greater protection.  We have put together a materials and labor list for making the bird habitat as predator-proof as possible.   The total that we need to [...]

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Tag Sale and Pot Luck Benefit

We are organizing a last event in Greenfield to have a chance to see everybody before we leave Greenfield, Where? Greenfield, 24 Factory Hollow When? Saturday April 30th 8 am to 2 pm Tag sale 3 pm to 5 pm pot-luck and get-together We will continue the tag sale on Sunday, so if you cannot come on Saturday please come on Sunday, Thanks, Claudine and I hope to see you all!

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Jane’s surgery follow-up

First thank you to everyone who has participated in the fundraising on loveanimals.org , and all the people who have asked news about Jane and support us in this challenge. I tried to thank everybody individually but if I have forgotten someone I am sorry for that. As far as the surgery went it did work well with some complications but overall well. We just have been under the radar since the surgery ,that is why I did not send an update before. Right after the surgery Jane‘s behavior and vision did not seems to be much better , of [...]

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The Circle Of Unity

To conserve heat, on a cold day, the goats have learned to stand very tightly close to each other in a circle. They behave exactly as the emperor penguins seen in the movie March of the Penguins. They are a really close herd and have a strong social bond. They nurture each other and feel loved by us as we care for them. They also feel at home in their environment, close to us and to the house. That is why they are so happy and at peace. We see this connection as precious and it reminds us of our [...]

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Update: Reflections on Boston Veg Fest & Our Need for Help to Pay Our Vet Bills

We just came back from the Boston Vegetarian Festival and that was so great for so many reasons! First of all, we don’t see and hear from many people since we are in Greenfield, so talking and seeing many old friends was good for our moral (a little low). We really needed some support in this difficult and challenging moment we are going through for more than 2 months and it’s always so good to be with like minded people sharing their experience on food, veganism and animals. Secondly it was so nice to see and hear Dr Will Tuttle [...]

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The Great Escape

The new adventure in the life of Cloa’s Ark sanctuary is due to the fact that all the animals are loosing their present residence in Upton MA (the owners are not willing to continue leasing their land to us). So, we are desperately searching for new pastures for our large family before winter comes. However, we temporarily found a large pasture located about a mile from our present location, that a nice neighbor is willing to lend us. Unfortunately, the only access to the land is through a dirt path in the woods that belongs to another neighbor and we [...]

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