Our move to Charlemont is well on the way, we have been very busy all month and expect to be there by June 2nd.
With the move came big expanses; first we decided we had to buy a park trailer home as the available space for us in the house is going to mainly be used for our indoor birds and rabbits. Also we had to buy a lot of building materials in order to rebuild a new chicken coop (roof, wall panels, rubber floor mats, studs, cement blocks ….) We also hired some people to help with the labor . We are going to hire a towing company to transport the large goat shed. And last but not the least the cows need a special cattle trailer to transport them to the new place.
All this represents a lot of expenses, and we spent most of our savings to buy the mobile home.
In order to make it to the finish line we need donations up to an estimated $1000 to be able to pay for what is needed.
Right now our funds are at a all time low, without your help we have no way to pay for our coming expanses.

Please help! We are so grateful for your support.  Click to Donate!