b_juliette_smallJuliette died accidently December 9th 2015.
She was a beautiful female Cockatiel; she shared her life with us, her mate and offspring for the past 12 years.
She was exceptionally beautiful, yellow and gray with a pearl pattern, but her personality outshined her beauty.
She was all love, sweetness and affection, anytime I walked into the aviary, she would immediately fly towards me and perch on my hand for cuddles and kisses, she would hop around and follow me everywhere for more petting and kisses….
Sometimes it was hard for me to do my work in the bird room for she so much wanted to show me her love and affection that even though I wanted to carry on with my chores, she was so irresistible that I had to reciprocate with more kisses…
She loved Patrick as well and had a special relation with Chouquette a beautiful normal gray male, she loved him from the start and they had been soul mates for 12 years.
She also had a close relationship with Moinette a female sparrow rescued 7 years ago, she always treated her like she was her own baby.
Both of them Chouquette and Moinette have been inconsolable as well as Bijou her only son, since she left so suddenly.
We want to pay tribute to an exceptional being, a being of light, beauty and love.
She was an angel.
She now watches over our flock from on high.
We love you and thank you Juliette for having shared so much with us.