Once upon a time there lived a small grey rabbit with a woman who did not want him anymore!

We were willing to care for him, so we took him home to live with our bunnies at Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary. He was shy, sweet and was staying in his own little cage, a bunny condo with a loft. We named him Grisou which means “little grey one” in French.

All was well until one morning Grisou did not look well and would not eat. The next day he had his head tilted around 90 degrees and was not moving or eating. We were alarmed and rushed him to the vet. She diagnosed him with an inner ear infection and put him on antibiotics.

The next day his head was tilted even further and he could not stand straight. He was rolling around and falling in his cage out of control. It was very scary! He kept getting worse. He could not eat or drink, so we took him to another vet, who confirmed the first diagnostic and said that there was nothing else he could do. And that he would not go more than a week without food!

We were devastated, but knew little Grisou wanted to live and was too young to endure that fate! So we decided to try another vet that had been recommended to us.

We went the next day. She was very caring and thorough and she spent 2 hours with him. After doing multiple tests on his tilted head, eyes, and ears she felt that he was willing to live and that something could be done! Consequently she put him on a very aggressive antibiotic treatment and gave us a high potency formula to feed him with a syringe. Two weeks later Grisou was so much better now that he was out of danger.

During this intensive period, I fed him 4 times a day and held him close in my arms. He was looking into my eyes with so much trust and love, it made my heart melt! I looked back at him and gave him hope. When he was not in my arms he rested in a small box padded with towels so he could not roll around.

Two more weeks of the same treatment and he completely recovered! Which was a miracle seeing how he was so sick and given up for dead by two vets.

This story is one of love and persistence as well as finding the right doctor!

Little Grisou holds such a special place in our hearts now. We established such a close bond that will last forever.

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