We just came back from the Boston Vegetarian Festival and that was so great for so many reasons!

First of all, we don’t see and hear from many people since we are in Greenfield, so talking and seeing many old friends was good for our moral (a little low). We really needed some support in this difficult and challenging moment we are going through for more than 2 months and it’s always so good to be with like minded people sharing their experience on food, veganism and animals.

Secondly it was so nice to see and hear Dr Will Tuttle again. He and his wife, Madeleine, are wonderful beings. Seeing them was worth our 2 hour drive back and forth. Everything Will said, Claudine and I share and understand:
In case you have not read the World Peace Diet where Will Tuttle shares his ideas about how the abuse of animals started and make us understand how important it is to be compassionate with every being, then you need to read it!
It is so important to question what we are told and the way society wants us to behave and it is so important to question and know yourself and know why you are doing what you are doing. For us it is both a wonderful and challenging path we are walking on. We have chosen to go on this journey to show how wonderful animals are and how much love and passion they deserve!

Lastly, we experienced some loss with several birds, a rabbit and a goat. We thank them for having been a part of our journey and remember them in our hearts. We also had some new comers: 2 rabbits, some pigeons and chickens. Nevertheless in this difficult period, we had tremendous Vet bills to save many animals and unfortunately our in-kind donation program is not working like we thought it would be, meaning for the 4 – 5 past months we have been getting a lot of stuff but most of it does not sell!

With the winter coming and our vet bills, it’s very tight right now. Please consider making a donation to help us pay our vet bills so we can continue to care for and take of the animals who call our sanctuary home.

The animals at Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary thank you,
With our love,
Claudine and Patrick