jane after surgFirst thank you to everyone who has participated in the fundraising on loveanimals.org ,
and all the people who have asked news about Jane and support us in this challenge.
I tried to thank everybody individually but if I have forgotten someone I am sorry for that.
As far as the surgery went it did work well with some complications but overall well.
We just have been under the radar since the surgery ,that is why I did not send an update before.
Right after the surgery Jane‘s behavior and vision did not seems to be much better ,
of course that was the end of the day ,so it was dark and the fact of having been blind for over a year made it challenging for her brain to process the new vision,with the effect of the anesthesia she was really acting strange..
So the next day we went for a checkup and she was really not acting normally, we realized she had a high pressure on one eye,so she had to be taken in the treatment room for extraction of the fluid in the back of the eye and get some special drop for glaucoma.
It seems to be working well,but still next day we had to go back for another check-up and it seems to improve .
She is like a baby that is discovering objects and things they don’t know ,there is a process to go through but it’s getting there.
Overall we have 8 medications for now to give to her ,and thedrive to the vet 4 times in a week,
That’s why we are late to give some news and spend time on the computer ,sorry for that!
Now she is improving ,move around and her appetite and reactions are coming back to more normal, hopefully it stays that way.