I first heard of Cloa’s Ark from a friend in 2010 and at that time, i was looking for volunteer opportunities at animal shelters for myself and my daughter.

We had recently become vegan after a long time vegetarian and i felt that working with animals would help us to understand them better and also gives us a chance to support animal shelter with their noble mission.

When I met Patrick and Claudine the first time I was moved by their dedication to the animals and the loving care with which they took care of and provided for them.

The animals seemed very happy and satisfied at Cloa’s Ark .They all had names and Patrick and Claudine knew them very well including their individual personalities. My children were able to interact and bond with these gentle creatures whenever we visited the shelter.


Cloa’s Ark is indeed a safe haven for the animals where they are well-cared for and all their needs including food, medicines, etc are taken care of to the best of their ability by 2 compassionate beings.

I hope Patrick and Claudine are supported on their noble mission so that they can continue to provide this noble service to the animals for as long as they are able.




Srilata Thirunagari


All tremble at violence;

All fear death.

Seeing others as like yourself,

Do not kill or cause others to kill.

-Buddha, (Dhammapada 129-130 )